How to Win Big-Ticket Clients with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences Feature

On January 30, 2018

Landing big-ticket clients is like a solar eclipse: It doesn’t happen often. Plus, the acquisition process is brutal.

landing big clients

It takes multiple, maybe dozens of unreturned phone calls to reach the right person—the one who keeps ignoring your emails and sending you straight to voicemail.

Decision-makers don’t want to get on the phone with you when you’re a nobody. Reaching top-level contacts that you need to land big deals for your business is almost impossible.

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How to Drive Low-Cost Conversions with Contextual Display Ads

On January 29, 2018

At our PPC management company, we have been able to significantly improve the performance of our client accounts with contextual display campaigns. Nearly all of our accounts benefit from either highly targeted, low-spend campaigns, or from broader high-spend campaigns. From ecommerce businesses to software as a service, contextual targeting through Google’s Display network has proven its value.

In this article, I’ll explain how contextual display advertising campaigns work, and provide an example of a real account that has seen amazing benefits from this campaign type.

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Hyperlocal Marketing: What It Is, Why It Works, & How to Do It Right

On January 25, 2018

Many businesses advertise on a city- and area-wide basis, but for some advertisers, this isn’t nearly local enough.

Hyperlocal marketing

Like crime-fighting detectives in police procedurals triangulating a perp’s cell signal with technology of questionable credibility, some advertisers home in on areas of just a few blocks – or even a few streets – to find new customers.

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7 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Ads

On January 24, 2018

So, you captured the most beautiful photograph, edited it with your own custom filter, and even threw some cash behind it to ensure plenty of eyes landed on it…but you aren’t getting any likes!

Well, perhaps you got a sympathy like or two, but the overall engagement rate of your Instagram post is weak. This is that disheartening moment where you may be doubting why you’ve chosen to use Instagram as a marketing platform in the first place.

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How to Use Email Remarketing to Achieve Inbox Domination

On January 23, 2018

I love email remarketing, using hyper-targeted nurture funnels to gently float prospects away from open-minded indifference and towards becoming paying customers. As such, I’ve long mourned the fact that AdWords’ lone inbox placement, Gmail ads (formerly “Gmail Sponsored Promotions”), were not eligible for use in remarketing campaigns.

email remarketing for gmail ads mobile example 

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Here's How the Google Speed Update Will Impact Your Site (& AdWords Account)

On January 22, 2018

Late last week, Google announced a major change to its mobile ranking factors. While speed has always been a factor in determining both organic rankings and AdWords Quality Score, Google’s change shifts this focus slightly. Starting in July, page speed will become a major ranking factor for mobile searches. That means that, if you’re already advertising to prospects on mobile devices—or you have an organic search presence of any kind—you’re going to want to pay attention.

Now, if that isn’t you, I know what you’re thinking.

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3 Attention-Grabbing Outreach Marketing Techniques

On January 19, 2018

Everyone is doing email outreach these days. Social networks may come and go, but email will always be a top communication channel.

With this popularity comes much noise. Everyone is using email to reach people of interest. According to a study by Harris Interactive, most people struggle to manage more than 50 emails a day.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to defy those odds.

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How Did Google’s Recent Budget Changes Actually Impact Advertisers? [Data]

On January 18, 2018

Last year, every marketer spending budget in AdWords held their breath at the beginning of October. Why?

That’s the day Google decided to drop what, upon first glance, appeared to be a bomb:

“Starting October 4, 2017, campaigns will be able to spend up to twice the average daily budget to help you reach your advertising goals.”

We took a deep dive into our MCC to see exactly how this change played out in Q4. Before we get to that, though, a quick refresher on exactly what changed…

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The Great PPC Diet: How to Correct Over-Optimization in Paid Search

On January 18, 2018

Are your pay-per-click campaigns bigger than they should be? Have they become unbalanced or lost their direction?

It’s a new year, and it’s a better time than ever to cut the fat and shape them up to be the fittest PPC campaigns they can be!

ppc diet

How Can You Over-Optimise a PPC Campaign?

There are two main ways you can over-optimise a PPC campaign, which can end up doing more harm than good:

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